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HR Operations & Compliance

We create the structure to build our clients’ HR foundation. A dedicated HR Specialist can also provide support virtually, onsite or a combination of both.

Project & Strategic Consulting

We have a comprehensive consulting model that is customized to the needs of our clients. We help our clients align human capital strategies to their business direction.

TalentWaves Recruitment Strategies

Ready to make one or more hires right away? We are too. Just say the word and our team will deliver quickly and cost-effectively, ensuring your company attracts top talent in a competitive talent marketplace.

Pivotal Training & Transformation

 Want to create a high performance organization? We provide compliance and custom training programs for employees, managers and executives.

Keeping You Informed

Transgender Rights in the Workplace: A Guide for Employers to Protect Against Harassment & Discrimination

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Last week, President Obama signed an executive order banning discrimination against gay or transgender federal employees and contractors. On the same day, the first gender-neutral bathroom became available in the White House. The topic of transgender identity may be news to many. However, beyond the spotlight, transgender identity and the struggles surrounding…

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leadership checklist 2

Spring Cleaning Your Leadership Checklist

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In a recent edition of the New York Times, Daniel Goleman summarized his key list of leadership imperatives. There’s no breakthrough learnings in Mr. Goleman’s list but it serves as a constant reminder of the distinction between managing and leading.   Spring Cleaning Your Leadership Checklist   By:      Daniel Goleman…

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Perf Leveling

Is It Time to Put the Performance Review on a PIP?

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Recently, the Society of Human Resources posted the following article which continues the movement towards alternative performance management processes that more realistically reflect the nature of how work is performed and communications around performance are more likely to have meaning — both for employee and manager. The article’s author, Dori…

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Attention Human Resources and Recruiting Professionals

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