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HR Outsourcing at its best. Since 2011, we have provided HR support services to small and mid-size companies all over the country. Our goal is to create a reassuring experience for our clients which adds significant value to their operations and positively impacts their bottom line.  Since managing the bottom line is on our client’s minds, our solutions allow them to access us as they need, when they need and for as much as they need.  Your HR Group, and the Austin HR team, are committed to providing flexible, nimble and cost effective HR  solutions, from transactional and tactical to human capital strategies. By helping our clients implement a solid HR foundation or manage their complete HR needs for them, we are able to enhance their  human capital productivity, innovation and overall profitability. Allow us to  “Show You, Train You, Help You or Do it for You” ™   — whatever the need, we’ve got you covered.


Human Resource Recruitment & Professional Recruitment

Our Executive, Professional and HR Recruiting services round out our full suite of HR offerings.

Employers hiring HR Professionals in and around Greater Austin Area reach out to us for vetted and screened HR Candidates. We maintain an extensive database and close relationships with a wide network of HR Professionals within several industries and are in a unique spot to cater to client’s business needs by quickly matching HR roles with the best suited candidate.

Our strategic recruiting in the C-Suite, and for other professional roles begins with a thorough understanding of our client’s requirements and culture. Accordingly, we act as a member of our client’s team to represent and tell a compelling story from our client’s eyes.   With this very personal approach, we are to develop custom recruitment approaches in partnership with our clients and then streamline focused and deliberate recruitment efforts into attracting and hiring top talent.


Principal and Managing Partner


Principal and Managing Partner



Lisa Blanton

Director of Operations

Gary O'Neal

Recruitment Director

Teri Hess

HR Services Project Manager

Tricia Tolbert

HR Services Project Manager

Charisse Hughen

Business Development

Kim Jones

HR Specialist

Mo Oduwole

Recruitment Specialist

Valerie R Esparza

Senior HR Consultant

Doug Oyer

Payroll & Benefit Specialist

Jakob Franzen

Sr. HR Consultant

Mindy Wong

Recruitment Consultant

Christine Botha

Executive Administrator

Hilda Ramirez

HR Business Partner

Wendy Cheng

Benefits Specialist

Gina Atwood

Sr. Recruitment Consultant

Sadia Ayaz

Sr. HR Consultant

Angela Loeb

Outplacement Consultant

Dennis O'Neil

Recruitment Specialist

Sarah Looper

HR Business Partner

Kathy Morriss

Payroll Specialist

Julie Rians

HR Data & Technology Specialist

Andy Le

Recruitment Specialist

Elizabeth Soriano

Recruiting Consultant

Kathy Treichel

HR Business Partner

Pam Johnson

Generalist & HR Business Partner

Cindy Strong

HR Business Partner

Shirelle Zachery

HR Business Partner

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